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School-Wide Social Skills Program

Supporting Earl Students

This program is unique to Earl and accessible to all students who need it. We believe that in addition to teaching children the rigorous academic content standards that we focus on every day, we also need to focus on helping students with their social emotional learning.  Social Emotional Skills are crucial pre-requisites for success in life (e.g., mastery of standards of learning, positive peer relationships, and employment success).  Research indicates: “Social Emotional Learning programs improved students’ social-emotional skills, attitudes about self and others, connection to school, positive social behavior, and academic performance; they also reduced students’ conduct problems and emotional distress” (Durlak et. al., 2008).  We think all of these are great reasons for a School Wide Social Skills program like ours.  

We currently run social skills groups in the following areas:

These groups are held during the school day in our Club House (Room 5D). Groups meet once a week and run for 8 weeks in length.   If your child is identified as a student who might benefit from one of these groups, we will contact you for your permission to add them to the group. 

  • Social Behavioral Skills
  • Social & General Problem Solving Skills
  • Ability to Cope With Anger
  • Emotional Wellbeing and Self Esteem


Treehouse Club